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Total absence of humor makes life impossible... Once upon a time there were two boys. The first one´s name was Servác and second was Bonifác. Servác was an optimist, he always laughed. Bonifác was a pessimist, he cried or he was stiff. But Servác and Bonifác were best friend. Ten years later... Servác was 30 years old and Bonifác too. But Servác seemed much younger and more satisfied than Bonifác. Why was it like that? It was because Bonifác missed the humor. He was sad. He thought that he hadn´t got a reason to laugh and be happy. He said: "The life is unfair. It is bad. Why should I laugh? Should I laugh, when people die? No, I can´t. I can´t laugh, if things are sad." Servác couldn´t believe his eyes. This is his best friend´s opinion on life?! It couldn´t be true. So he said to Bonifác: "Yes, you are right, but life has always two sides. You mustn´t see the world and life so badly. Look at the nature. It´s beautiful. The animals are nice. Look at good things. Without laughter life would be sad." Bonifác thought about everything, what Servác said to him. He knew, that Servác was right. But it was hard to see the world and life optimistically. He tried and it worked. He was happy...=)

Zuzana Poláková

I’m a very sociable person and I have got lots of "friends". I can’t help visiting every social occasion which can be interisting or good to me. I meet really many and many various people. But how many of theese are real friends? What is a friendship? How can we recognize an honest friendship? Throughout the whole life you meet a huge amount of friends. You have to choose if they will be your friends or just some acquaintances that you can see maybe twice per a year. It is very difficult to gain a real good friends and what is more, the older you are the tougher it is. I think that friendship is developing just like your personality. You can have some perfect friends from your childhood but the more you know them the more boring they are. Of course, new friends are amazing. You can listen to them and share with them new experiences. Perhaps they are much more interesting than your old ones, but you can’t rely on them. The best friends are those you know very well. They always help you when you are in some trouble. You shouldn’t forget them. They are highly important for you! Friendship is a magical thing and nobody doubt about its importance. You have to meet new friends but you definitely musn’t forget your good old ones!

Josef Kahánek